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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I guess I should start cleaning...

I guess I should start cleaning my house.. I have house guests this weekend.. I am giving my sister a baby shower and we have family/friends coming in for it and are staying with me... The hard part about cleaning now is I watch kiddos so some things are pointless to clean now.. like the sheets on the playroom beds and the main bathroom.. but I guess I can get everything else clean and in order so Friday all I will have to do is some laundry and one bathroom..
On another note.. I am so upset.. I was going to send in an application for the Cade Foundation Grant for infertility and I thought it had said that all applications had to be in by June 15, 2011 and I have been hounding my Dr.'s office for my records and letter from Dr. (I still do not have either) I just looked it up again and I am very very upset.. All applications were due by June 5th! If my Dr. office would have sent me my records and letter last week when I had asked then it would have been in on time.. Now I have to wait until next year..I am so upset.. I guess I can Google and see if there are any other grant programs out there.. Does anyone know of any? I know it was a long shot with the grant but it was worth a try..

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