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Monday, December 3, 2012

3rd Ultrasound and now 12 weeks!

I know it has been a long time since I have updated my blog and a lot has happened. Last time I posted I was 9 weeks and now I am 12 weeks along. I had my first OB appointment with Dr. Sheridan and I am glad I switched, I really felt comfortable with her. At 10 weeks it was Thanksgiving and my 32nd birthday. My mother in-law was in town and my best friend and her family came to town for the week as well. I hosted Thanksgiving at my house and had both my grandmothers, my parents, mother in-law, aunt, sister, best friend and her hubby and 5 kids and of course me and James. It was a nice evening and everyone was a great help cooking and cleaning and I received wonderful birthday gifts as well. 

The week before my sister Ame and my niece Chloe were in town and we had an early birthday dinner celebration for me and my sisters gave me a wonderful basket of maternity stuff. They gave me The Belly Book (a pregnancy journal), two maternity shirts, a body pillow, organic lotion and oil for stretch marks as well as wrist band for morning sickness (which I have never had to use) as well as pregnancy tea, which is so delicious!
As for how I have been feeling... well, I did not stop the progesterone shots. I called Dr. Montville after taking my "last" shot and asked if I should take start taking it every-other day to taper myself off of it and told him I had an unopened vile of the progesterone. Dr. Montville said that every IVF patient is always scared to stop the progesterone but it is completely safe to go off of it since I now had a placenta that was producing progesterone. He did say that since I still had a vile left that I can take it every other day until it is gone, after all it was expensive and there is no need to throw the meds away and it will not hurt to keep taking it. The week of Thanksgiving was probably the roughest week I have had being pregnant so far. Everyone and everything was annoying me to the point of crying. I honestly had a complete break down because when James got back from the grocery store (I gave him a detailed list with a coupon for every single item on the list, took me forever to do) he bought 10 onions and I had 1 on my list! I honestly lost it cried and cried and found it insane for anyone to ever buy 10 onions. I realize now I over reacted but still think it is ridiculous to buy 10 onions. I the am sure the fact my body was now making its own progesterone as well as the fact I was still giving it to myself along with all the other crazy hormones in my body,  the fact I had a house full of guests, I was overly tired and I was hosting and cooking Thanksgiving dinner on my birthday just was a little to much for me to handle. So far, though, that has been the roughest week for me. I am lucky that I have not been sick at all, I have not even felt nauseous.
10 weeks baby the size of a Prune
11 Weeks size of a lime - feeling a lot bigger now
11 weeks 1 day baby was moving around like crazy

11 weeks - baby face - 175 bpm

11 weeks baby waving at us
12 weeks size of a Plum
This is my last week in the first trimester and no longer feel annoyed at everything. I feel great. Dr. Sheridan said that the baby looks great and I am considered a normal patient that I do not have any more things to worry about that a regular pregnant person. My next appointment is the Friday after Christmas I will be 16 weeks. She said if she had time she could do an ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby since she will not be around for my 20 week and the Dr. taking over for her while she is on her maternity leave can not do ultrasounds. So, fingers crossed we get to find out!

Today, I was surprised to find a gift in the mail from my friend Jackie. She sent me a lovely card, a baby bump picture frame and a maternity shirt that says Due for Delivery June 16, 2013 with my zip code on it. It is so cute and thoughtful.

Thank you again for all the support and positive energy that everyone has been sending us. We are so lucky to have such great friends and family.


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